Safeguarding Africa's Interest

Shield Africa Sustainability and Development Initiative is a platform that seeks to provide sustainable solutions to global problems in Africa through the instrumentality of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

It focuses primarily on alleviating poverty, preventing hunger, promoting quality education, gender equality and addressing the peculiar issues occasioned by climate change. It also focuses on promoting youth inclusion and women empowerment.

Our Core Values

  • Sustainability: At Shield Africa Sustainability and Development Initiative, our commitment lies in practices that promotes long-term positive impacts on communities and the environment. Our actions align with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Transparency and Accountability: We ensure openness and integrity in our operations, decision-making, and fund allocation. Taking responsibility for our actions, we maintain trust among stakeholders.
  • Resilience: Our ability to adapt, recover, and persist in the face of challenges enables us to navigate obstacles and continue our mission effectively.
  • Collaboration And Partnership: We form alliances with various stakeholders, including communities, governments, and organizations, to achieve common goals and leverage collective strengths for greater impact.

Our Mission

Our mission at Shield Africa Sustainability and Development Initiative is to provide sustainable solutions to global development problems in Africa.

Our Vision

We aim to be Africa’s largest solutions platform for the Sustainable Development Goals

Our Core SDG's

We seek to eradicate poverty in all its ramifications by promoting social empowerment systems for all, especially the poor, empowering young persons as much as we can with the necessary skills and opportunities for survival.

We contribute our quota to end hunger, achieve food security, and improve nutrition by ensuring the poor and vulnerable people have access to nutritious and sufficient food. We also achieve this by enhancing agricultural productivity by empowering small-medium scale food producers, especially women.

We strive to foster accessible and high-quality educational opportunities for all gender by bringing educational intervention to low-cost private schools, government schools, and institutions catering to individuals with special needs within our impact areas.

We seek to promote gender equality for all women and girls by empowering them through proper orientation, public campaigns, and advocating for equal opportunities in a bid to curb discriminatory and harmful practices against women.

We are interested in taking action to fight climate change and its impact by sensitizing the public about its causes and dangers, collaborating with agencies and institutions to sponsor climate mitigation measures

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