Save Our Souls Orphanage

The Save our Souls Orphanage/Vocational Centre is located in the heart of Kurudu, away from the hustle and bustle of city life—a beacon of hope in the midst of adversity. Two battered, eroded roads lead to this modest establishment, where over 30 orphaned children find shelter and care.

Mrs. Amaechi Onyedika Stella, the guiding light steering this refuge, greeted us upon our arrival. The sight of the old, rickety iron gate barely holding itself together, as well as the small rooms with leaking roofs and an erosion eaten compound, highlighted the enormous challenges that this establishment faced.

Despite the difficulties, Mrs. Stella’s unwavering determination is inspiring. She firmly believes that, with the right support and interventions, these children, who have experienced hardship firsthand, can grow into honorable citizens with promising futures.

Mrs. Stella’s gratitude overflowed as she expressed her heartfelt appreciation, saying, “…we appreciate Shield Africa very well. They came from far away to come and visit us; may God bless you abundantly…” Our visit was a catalyst for action. The Shield Africa Sustainability and Development Initiative, led by the visionary Osenaga Orokpo, was deeply moved by the children’s plight. Determined to have a lasting impact, a commitment was made to establish a long-term collaboration, not just with this center, but with others in need, to provide sustained support.  Osenaga Orokpo enthusiastically encourages everyone to join her in this noble cause. She believes in humanity’s collective power to help those in need and transform lives. “…it is true that anyone can be of help as long as you are human,” she says emphatically. The path to a brighter future for these children begins with each of us lending a hand.

Laughter all round upon the successful completion of the musical chairs game with the children.
The environs of the Save Our Souls Orphanage, located in Kurudu. The orphanage is doing the best it can to salvage the future of orphans, even with limited resources.
A group photo taken with Shield Africa SDI volunteers, the founder of the Save Our Souls Orphanage, and the children